The 3 Ps of Roof Management: Proactive, Preventive, and Plan

January 24, 2023

Are reactive roof repairs increasing in frequency? Sabotaging your budget? Eager for some predictability? Proactive roof management is the answer. Get organized, contact your roofing contractor, and schedule preventive roof maintenance. It’s time to think strategically so expenses can be predicted more easily. You need a plan.

Be Proactive: Build a History and Assess Condition

If the same roofing contractor has been servicing your roof(s), they probably already have a roof history constructed for you; ask if they have the information in an online application that you can access. Having one consolidated location for all roofing-related information will give you an accurate snapshot of the roof’s condition and frequency of repairs. If this doesn’t exist or you don’t have any historical information, lean on a professional roofing contractor for help.

Perform Preventive Maintenance

A routine of regular roof maintenance can fix many problems and prevent others from getting worse (and more expensive). Conduct roof inspections before and after the seasons with the most extreme weather. D. C. Taylor Co.’s roof inspection assesses the condition of more than 20 components of the roof, helping you determine the priority of necessary repairs.

Any deficiencies that have been identified should be remedied as soon as possible. Prompt attention to damage, as well as wear and tear, can keep a roof system performing as intended for longer. Expect your roofing contractor to reseal terminations, fix small punctures, replace missing fasteners, and replace deteriorated caulking or sealant when performing preventive roof maintenance.

Cleaning is another regular necessity. This simple task can prevent environmental debris, saturated leaves, and dust from clogging roof drains or providing the ideal environment for seeds to take root. Clearing downspouts, gutters, drains, and scuppers facilitate proper drainage of water from the roof.

Create a Roof Management Plan

A roof asset management plan/program can help you make better decisions regarding your roof. You may know that your roof is giving you trouble, but do you know why and when it’s time to cut your losses, stop repairing and schedule a reroofing project? A roofing contractor can evaluate the roof condition and assign an objective roof asset health value for each roof area. When you know what happened on the roof in the past and you know its projected life, scheduling a program of repairs and reroofing—and budgeting for it—is easier.

Your roof asset management plan should contain the following:

Review and update your roof asset management plan annually. As material pricing changes, the rough estimates for the cost of future projects/repairs will also change. Additionally, as new goals and objectives change (for example, a new safety initiative), the plan should be revised accordingly.

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