General Preventive Maintenance

When it's Time to Perform Roof Maintenance

By taking a proactive approach to roof maintenance, you can catch problems when they’re small enough to fix easily and economically. D. C. Taylor Co.’s General Preventive Maintenance service extends roof life and costs considerably less than reactive repairs.

General Preventive Maintenance combines the ultimate trifecta in scheduled proactive maintenance – cleaning, inspection, and minor repairs.

A 3-Part Preventive Roof Maintenance Service


D. C. Taylor Co.’s crew will clean dirt, vegetation, and debris from waterways, drainage paths, and anywhere else it tends to build up. This cleaning helps impede the growth of unwanted vegetation and prevent clogged drains, scuppers, gutters, and downspouts.


D. C. Taylor Co. will evaluate the condition of more than 20 components of the roof. Deficiencies are noted; minor repairs are made and major repairs are promptly brought to the customer’s attention so they, too, can be attended to at an additional cost.

Minor repairs

Roof elements that don’t meet the customer’s expectations for condition and function are repaired or maintained, so long as they fall under D. C. Taylor Co.’s definition of a minor repair; examples are listed below.

  • Resealing terminations, including pitch pans.
  • Fixing small punctures, tears, and cracks.
  • Replacing missing fasteners with new fasteners, oversized if necessary.
  • Replacing deteriorated caulking or sealants.
  • Installing fasteners in like membrane where protruding fasteners were removed.
  • Applying caulk to open sheet metal seams.

D. C. Taylor Co. Roof Maintenance: What to Expect

This three-part service can take as little as two hours, or as much as eighty. The number, size, and complexity of roofing areas are all variables that impact how long the crew will be onsite.