D. C. Taylor Co. is a leader in jobsite safety. Our dedication to providing quality workmanship is only rivaled by our unwavering commitment to preventing injuries.

Proof of our safety excellence:

Lower than average safety incident rates and EMR (Experience Modification Rate)
100-125 hours of training annually per employee
Numerous safety awards
Competent Person training for managers, supervisors, and lead persons
Injury prevention and dynamic stretching programs
Job hazard analysis and fall protection plan for every project

Safety Training

New hires complete OSHA 10-hour training and receive one-on-one authorized user personal fall arrest system (PFAS) training. All crew members receive annual on-the-job and classroom training, as well as participate in routine descent and rescue simulations. View all training topics here.

Jobsite Safety

A fall protection plan and job hazard analysis prescribe appropriate countermeasures for every project. A job start authorization process ensures safety is set up as planned. Crews wear appropriate PPE and begin the workday with stretching to prevent injuries. Toolbox talks discuss existing and new hazards. Site audits are performed regularly, either scheduled or as a surprise. Equipment inspections occur at regular intervals (i.e., daily, monthly, and/or every six months) and are documented for tracking purposes.

Incident Response

In the event of a safety incident, crews will call emergency services if necessary, and as appropriate, use their first aid, CPR, bloodborne pathogen, and descent and rescue training. After all incidents or near misses, a root cause analysis, policy/procedure review, and a safety alert or toolbox talk are performed.

Wondering whether your roof is safe for workers?
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