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The Basics of Roof Maintenance Budgeting

If it’s your job to budget for roof maintenance and repairs, you’ve got two…

How Do I Make a Roof Maintenance Plan?

New roofs, old roofs – it doesn’t matter; they’re all issuing the same battle…

How to Fix Poor Roof Drainage

If you have ponding water or algae on the roof, you have poor drainage….

Why Is My Commercial Roof Leaking?

Leaks are the most common issue reported by facilities professionals. They are especially problematic…

8 Sustainable Roofing Strategies

Strategy No. 1: Perform routine roof maintenance and prompt repairs. Without ongoing routine maintenance,…

Roof Damage Caused by the Freeze-Thaw Cycle

As winter turns into spring, the inevitable cycle of warming and cooling can wreak…


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Like most of you, we at D. C. Taylor Co. are closely monitoring the spread and containment efforts regarding Covid-19. The health and wellness of our employees and customers is our top priority right now. Many of our customers’ businesses have been recognized by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as essential critical infrastructure. D. C. Taylor Co. is here to help.

We are still open and working, serving the roofing needs of food processors, distributors, cold storage, warehouse/distribution, etc. Our workers are taking necessary precautions, as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. To schedule roofing services, email [email protected] or call 319.731.4120.