Fall Protection Installation

When Your Commercial Roof Isn’t Safe for Workers

It’s your duty to provide fall protection to individuals whenever there is a four foot or greater fall exposure. Implementing countermeasures and installing fall protection systems to protect employees and contractors as they traverse the roof not only provides a safer working environment, but also demonstrates compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations.

D. C. Taylor Co. has been installing fall protection for customers since 2006.

Fall Hazard Survey

Tell us the type of activities taking place on the roof, who and how many individuals are performing the work, and their frequency. We will assess the roof and gather information about access and egress, openings, as well as exposures at the roof edge. We’ll communicate the hazards that exist, where they’re located, and provide recommendations to mitigate exposures.

Fall Protection Installation

D. C. Taylor Co. will evaluate the roof and supporting members. Trained and certified crews will equip your roof with permanent fall protection, using methods specified by the manufacturer. Any of the following systems or equipment will be installed:

  • Guardrail
  • Horizontal lifeline system
  • Ladder safety system
  • Roof hatch rail
  • Single-point anchor
  • Skylight screen


D. C. Taylor Co. installers can train individuals on how to use the equipment based on manufacturer recommendations, as well as warn about the dangers of improper use.


In order for fall protection systems to perform as intended and continue to reduce exposure, an annual inspection is critical. Our team has received the necessary training to provide this routine inspection.