Roof System Repairs

When Commercial Roof Repairs Can’t Wait

Extreme winds, storm damage, a fire at the facility, or a water leak – these are all times when you need the roof fixed fast. Altering the roof? That’s an urgent repair need too.

With our Roof System Repairs service, we arrive on the jobsite ready to get to work.

What to Share About Your Repair Need

Be prepared for questions when you contact us; these answers help us prepare to perform the repair. 

Info to Share About Your Need(s): 

  • A description of the problem.
  • The location and size of the problem area.
  • Information about accessing the building and the roof.
  • The roof system type(s), manufacturer, brand, thickness, slope, age, etc.
  • Whether the roof is still under warranty.
  • Any relevant history of the problem.
  • Contact and billing information.
  • If there are any special requirements needed for workers to enter the facility.
  • Any special safety equipment that may be required.

What to Expect With Your Roof Repair

Our skilled trade personnel will arrive with materials and equipment specific to your roof system and immediately begin identifying and correcting roof system elements in need of repair. 

Typical roof repairs: 

  • Replacing deteriorated materials.
  • Replacing missing elements, such as a metal flashing or a termination bar.
  • Fixing roof abnormalities like blisters, seam voids, ridges, and buckles.
  • Repairing collapsed or shifted insulation below the membrane.

When the work is done, we’ll tell you what activities were performed and provide before and after photos. You can rest assured knowing your roof is in capable hands.