Online Roof Asset Management: Why You Need It

February 9, 2016

Whether you’re overseeing the building assets for an entire company, multiple sites, or just one, organizing and managing the data related to your roof(s) can be overwhelming. Most professional roofing contractors provide a software program for you to access that will document and record services, quotes, photographs, and other key information. If you single-source your roofing needs, all the data will be housed in one centralized place, entered by the contractor and accessed by you and your team with a secure login and password. Don’t think you need this type of system? The following five reasons may have you thinking twice.

No. 1 – Records are lost.

Paper documents – including warranties – are misplaced. Employees leave and often take the roof history with them. Online roof asset management software is a tool to help you manage and maintain an accurate record of the roofs under your care, as well as the work performed on them throughout their history.

No. 2 – Seeing is believing.

Photos can also prove to your insurance company that a hail damage claim is justified. Before and after photos are also proof of defects and their severity, as well as the quality and extent of repair work. Using smart phones and tablets, roofing crews can snap and post photos for your viewing in almost real time. Track the progress of repairs and reroofing projects without ever getting on the roof or even going to the jobsite.

No. 3 – Budgeting is easier.

Review invoices from past maintenance services to use as a baseline and more easily predict roofing expenditures for the coming year. Likewise, look through shared reports that include the scope of work and pricing for projects; this data can be instrumental when trying to obtain funding.

No. 4 – Simple data management. 

Want to know if Roof A is leaking more often in recent years? Log in to check the frequency of repairs. Ample amounts of data help you justify capital expenditures related to roof care. On the flip side, if you’re in finance, you can double-check that the capital request is legit.

No. 5 – Never wait for a callback.

Log on in the evening or early morning. The info is always there simply waiting for you whenever you need it.

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