Fall Protection Installation

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New Roof Construction

Whether there’s a formal bid package and specifications or not, D. C. Taylor Co. will use its 70+ years of experience to develop the project (once approved), perform roof construction, ensure integration with other building envelope elements, and close out the project by delivering the manufacturer warranty, as-built detail drawings, and owner/operation usage and maintenance and care information.

Roof Asset Management

Having a Roof Asset Management program allows those responsible for roofing the ability to anticipate short- and long-term roof maintenance, repair, and replacement activities and the potential costs associated with each. D. C. Taylor Co. identifies all the roof area names, as well as square footage, types of roof assemblies, and condition of each roof area. From the information gathered, a plan and budget are created to meet the customer’s short- and long-term roofing objectives.

Roof Restoration

Roof restoration activities include visually inspecting the roof, completing a peel test, and determining what preparation is required in advance of the coating application. Most roofing systems consist of two or more coating applications; reinforcement fabric can be embedded into the coating. Industry standard roof restoration warranties range from five to 10 years and can cover material and labor.

Fall Hazard Survey

D. C. Taylor Co.’s Fall Hazard Survey service identifies potential fall hazards and provides recommendations to mitigate exposures. It inventories the roof and identifies the condition of components that pose a risk, as well as any existing passive fall protection, fall arrest, or fall restraint systems already in place. Customers are provided a roof plan identifying the location and type of recommended permanent fall protection systems, as well as shop drawings.

Skylight Installation & Replacement

Trust D. C. Taylor Co. to install, inspect, and maintain your skylights. Whether it’s time to install new skylights, remove or replace them, add fall protection, or protect against burglaries and theft with security bars, D. C. Taylor Co. has trained professionals ready to serve your skylight and smoke hatch needs.

Roof Survey

A roof plan can be useful when directing people working on the roof, identifying roof deficiencies, tracking capital projects, and pinpointing safety hazards. Using a standard process, D. C. Taylor Co. photographs, measures, and sketches, as well as details the roof, roof perimeter, and projections. The field data is converted by a D. C. Taylor Co. CAD technician to a digital roof plan and cross-section detail drawings with measurements are provided in a CAD or PDF file format.

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