D. C. Taylor Co. Pilots Injury Prevention Program

February 6, 2023

D. C. Taylor Co. launched its Injury Prevention Program in September 2022, partnering with Hiawatha, IA-based Balanced Fitness & Health. The pilot program’s goal is to increase the health and comfort of crew members, who may be silently and stoically dealing with pain. “The stretches, exercises, and other self-care techniques employees learn help to decrease restrictions in the body, which can lead to muscle imbalances and future pain or injuries,” explains Caley Ploessl,  PT, DPT, Biomedical Engineer, Balanced Fitness & Heath.

An employee may pass their pre-employment physical, but still have had past injuries or ailments that impact their performance and abilities on the job, or could potentially result in a worker’s compensation claim later. “Whether the previous injury was work-related or not, it doesn’t matter. This is all about employees being as comfortable as they can while performing physical work tasks,” explains President Brent Taylor, D. C. Taylor Co., Cedar Rapids, IA.

The partnership allows D. C. Taylor Co. field laborers the opportunity to be evaluated by a physical therapist, receive recommendations to relieve pain and discomfort, mitigate a future potential injury, and improve their overall health. “The interventions given help improve blood flow and muscle and joint mobility so the body is ready to take on whatever activity they choose to do,” says Ploessl.

Employees voluntarily make their supervisor aware of a need or desire to participate in the Injury Prevention Program. The supervisor funnels the request through to Human Resources, who launches the process by connecting with Balanced Fitness & Health, whose physical therapists conduct an evaluation of the employee’s condition. “We have locations in the Cedar Rapids area, so if employees live in Eastern Iowa they are able to come in and physically work with the therapist. For those employees who are out of the area, we conduct the visits virtually through a protected telehealth system,” explains Ploessl. D. C. Taylor Co. is covering all costs for an evaluation and follow-up visit, and sometimes also purchasing aids to help an employee (e.g. hot/cold packs, heel lift, compression fittings, etc.). So far, five employees have benefited from the program.

About D. C. Taylor Co.
D. C.  Taylor Co. is a Cedar Rapids, IA-based roofing contractor with 70 years of experience installing, repairing, and maintaining roofs at commercial, institutional, and industrial facilities. With service centers in four states and 19 service and roofing crews, D. C. Taylor Co. is poised to respond to customer needs quickly and efficiently. For more information on D. C. Taylor Co., visit www.dctaylorco.com.

About Balanced Fitness & Health
Balanced Health & Fitness is a team of physical and occupational therapists that specialize in providing care and individual solutions to pain. Overall health, as well as behaviors, coping abilities, motivation, and nutrition all contribute to healing and recovery progress, which is why Balanced Fitness & Health is committed to treating the whole person. They are a trusted resource for companies looking to improve their safety and injury prevention programs. For more information, visit balancedfitnessandhealth.com.

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