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How to Maximize the Lifespan of Your Roof(s)

The longer your roof performs, the more cost-effective (and better for the environment) it…

Sustainable Roofing Beyond Material Selection: 5 Strategies

Your company has sustainability goals. Aside from installing a vegetated roof, rooftop solar panels,…

6 Subtle Signs of Commercial Roof Damage

If you don’t see a problem, there must not be a problem. And what…

Your Commercial Roof in Extreme Weather Conditions

Monsoons, hurricanes, record snowfall, hail, and ice can cripple your roof’s waterproofing ability. We’ve…

What’s in Your Roof System Manufacturer Warranty?

At the end of your roofing project, you’ll receive a roof system manufacturer warranty….

Maintaining Your Roof: 7 Things You Should Never Do

For a roof system that performs well with fewer headaches, heed the following advice….


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