Timing Your Commercial Roof Inspections Wisely

October 12, 2021

Roof maintenance is a must, but when do you do it and how often? Your roof isn’t like your car, where mileage dictates the timing of the next oil change. Roof inspections should be performed with the same level of predictability, though. Routine roof inspections extend the service life of the roof by detecting problems early and limiting deterioration.

How Often Should I Have My Commercial Roof Inspected?

There are many factors that influence how often your roof should be inspected. If you answer yes to any of the following, consider scheduling roof inspections more than a once or twice a year.

It’s not unusual for roofs that meets these criteria to be inspected as often as four times a year.

When Should I Schedule my Commercial Roof Inspection?

Consider the weather when scheduling inspections. Roofs in climates with extreme cold and snow often experience sealants that shrink and crack and old membrane that becomes brittle when temperatures dip. Additionally, small punctures and seam delaminations grow bigger when water infiltrates, and then expands as it freezes. The beginning- and end-of-season freezing and thawing that occurs as temperatures yo-yo, can wreak havoc on roof membranes as they shrink, crack, split, and pull at the seams.

Spring and summer weather can also threaten the integrity of roof systems. Rooftop unit hoods, tree limbs, and obsolete equipment can puncture and tear the membrane as it tumbles across the roof during high winds. Uplift pressure can compromise the integrity of the roof edge and increase the likelihood for leaks and even worse, cause the roof to blow-off. Drains and gutters clogged with debris can lead to ponding water.

Man in hardhat writes a roof plan

Have a professional inspect the roof’s condition and make any necessary repairs before and after the seasons with the most severe weather. This ensures that when mother nature delivers a lashing, your roof’s performance isn’t already compromised.

When Do I Need an Unplanned Roof Inspection?

Just like you want your roof inspected before seasons with the most potential for damaging weather, it’s also sometimes necessary to inspect the roof because of it. If you suspect damage from hail, hurricane- or tornado-strength winds, ice, etc., call your roofing contractor. Likewise, if you have a major project taking place on the roof, a roof inspection before and afterwards can also be helpful.

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