3 Common Causes of Roof Punctures

November 21, 2022

Your membrane roof has a hole poked in it. Wondering what caused the puncture? We’ve got the three most likely causes.

1. Human Carelessness

Anytime you have workers on the roof who are not aware of the damage they can cause, there is a risk of puncture. Simple acts like dropping tools, stepping on screws or nails, or catching the corner of a panel that’s been removed from rooftop equipment can compromise the waterproofing integrity of single-ply membrane.

To combat this from happening, either have workers read through instructions on protecting the roof before they begin work or post signage urging caution at access points. Walkway pad from the point of entry to (and around) equipment can provide the roof with an extra layer of protection. Lastly, keep a log of who’s accessing the roof and if damage occurs, hold the responsible party accountable.

2. Weather Damage

High-wind events can result in all kinds of roofing problems, one of which is punctures. Strong gusts can cause obsolete equipment or dislodged roof elements to tumble over the surface of the roof, leaving a trail of poked holes, tears, and abrasions. Tree limbs can cause similar damage. If the storm has hail, the destruction can be widespread.

3. Destructive Animals

Animals and insects looking for warmth, shelter, food, and water can wreak havoc on your roof system. For milling facilities where grain is present, pecking birds can puncture the roof. Bird beaks will also poke holes in the roof membrane if they’re looking for insects. Gnawing rats, mice, racoons, and squirrels can demonstrate equally destructive behaviors. If you suspect the cause of your roofing problems is animals or bugs, consult a pest control company for abatement. Your roofing contractor can repair the damage.

No matter the cause of the damage, it’s important to act. When you notice punctures or tears in the roof membrane, contact your roofing contractor. Left unaddressed, these could result in wet insulation, leaks, and eventually, a rusted or rotten structural deck.

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