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D. C. Taylor Co. brings over 70 years of experience to the commercial and industrial roofing industry on the West Coast. Our Concord, California, office handles the roofing needs for customers throughout the bay area, central valley, northern California, and peninsula. The D. C. Taylor Co. commitment has always been to perform and complete the work with utmost attention to safety, skill, and exceptional customer service. Each project includes a thorough 9-step process to provide the best solution for your facility.

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We offer roofing services for:

Roofing Services for California, the Coast, and the U.S.

Emergency Roofing Services

The West Coast is no stranger to emergencies like that of an El Nino year. Disasters like this from extreme weather or building disasters can leave you scrambling for a solution to preserve and fix your roof. We have a team of roofing professionals on call around the clock. Our teams have done work all across the bay area and beyond for emergencies such as:

Contact us with your roofing emergencies. Call 925.603.1100 24/7!

Roof System Repairs in California

Whether it be from torrential rain or other roof damage, a number of situations can warrant a commercial or industrial roofing system repair. D. C. Taylor, Co. has seen it all. Our commercial and industrial roof repair services team will identify and (if needed) replace deteriorated materials and much more. Services are truly comprehensive and catered to whatever your roof needs; our repair crews fix blisters, seam voids, and ridges as well as repair collapsed insulation. We use industry-vetted compatible materials and manufacturer-specified processes for all repairs so there’s no risk of voiding your roof system manufacturer warranty. Our certified technicians will complete repairs safely and with attention to detail.

California Commercial Facility Reroof

A commercial or industrial roof will typically last for 10 to 30 years. While keeping up on inspections and maintenance over the years will stretch out a roof’s lifetime, a reroof will be required at some point. When you work with D. C. Taylor Co., you can expect your new roof to be installed with the highest level of workmanship.

Roof Maintenance Services Company

Hundreds of California facilities and business owners rely on D. C. Taylor Co. crews to maintain their roofs. One of the most important services we offer is roof maintenance. Especially on the California coastline, it is common for buildings to come up against leaky roofs resulting from ponding water. For this reason and others, it is crucial to stick to a maintenance schedule and a crew that is known for high-quality workmanship.

Industry-Recognized Fall Protection

Along with the completion of service for roof repair, maintenance, or a reroof, our crews are well-known in the industry for our expertise in permanent fall protection. Hire D. C. Taylor Co. to evaluate the fall hazards present at your facility and install permanent fall protection to keep your employees and contractors safe as they work on the roof.

California Roof Inspections

The only way to know if there are deficiencies in your roofing system is to complete an inspection. D. C. Taylor Co. offers in-depth inspections and provides professional recommendations so you can make the best decisions for the health of your roof.

Sustainable Roofing

Incorporating your roofing plan into your company’s environmental goals is very doable, especially in sunny California. From waste management and energy-efficient roof installations to solar panel installation and cleaning, D. C. Taylor Co. can help you incorporate your roof into your sustainability initiatives. Save energy, divert waste from landfills, and set a standard for the future with sustainable roofing.

Proudly Serving the U.S. From California’s Bay Area

D. C. Taylor Co. is recognized not only in the San Francisco area for our expertise, but we are proud to serve clients nationwide as well. To serve our clients across the country we have offices in Illinois, Arizona, and Iowa. Each location has the capacity to service the commercial and industrial roofing needs of several states.

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