Why a Spring Roof Inspection Is Important

March 20, 2023

Winter can really wreak havoc. High winds, extreme snowfall, ice dams, and the inevitable cycle of freezing and thawing as winter gives way to spring, can do significant damage to your roof.

The Need for a Spring Roof Inspection

There is a reason that roofing professionals recommend an inspection before and after the seasons with the most extreme weather. You want your roof to be ready for whatever Mother Nature unleashes, and you want the peace of mind to know that it weathered the season well once it’s over. As part of a twice-a-year inspection routine, a spring inspection can help extend the life of the roof by detecting problems that developed over the winter and limiting further deterioration. Wear and damage that is caught early are more likely to be repairable.

Additionally, an inspection can help assess the long-term condition of your roof, determine the priority of repairs, and help with future maintenance planning. It also keeps you in compliance with the roof system manufacturer’s warranty, which states that failure by the building owner to take reasonable care in maintaining the roof is cause for exclusion from coverage. At a minimum, reasonable care includes inspections of the roof system by a qualified person.

Roof Inspection Expectations

When you contract with D. C. Taylor Co. for a roof inspection, a service project supervisor and lead person will assess the condition of more than 20 components of the roof. They’ll examine more than just the field of the roof, checking on penetrations (i.e., pipes and curbs), roof drains that may have become clogged, and interior walls and ceilings for signs of water infiltration.

Once completed, D. C. Taylor Co. will provide documentation in the form of an inspection checklist. This includes what was found while performing the service and a photo report of the findings.

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