Common Roofing Problem: Alligatoring

February 3, 2015

Alligatoring of the roof membrane is most common on modified bitumen and built-up roofs. This surface condition is caused by small splits that form with over exposure to heat and UV. If the oil leaches from the petroleum-based roof system, it is less flexible resulting in surface damage that looks similar to an alligator’s skin.

If not caught early, alligatoring could result in premature failure (i.e. early replacement) of the roofing system. Large leaks can occur and it will be difficult to stay ahead of them.

Prevent It

Regular inspections will result in early detection. Application of a UV protectant or reflective roof coating will prevent damage.

Repair It

Investigating the cause of these splits will determine the best remedy; however, small areas can be removed and patched. If the problem is substantial, replacement is necessary.

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