IISC Recognizes D. C. Taylor Co. with President’s Award

June 14, 2021

D. C. Taylor Co. is thrilled to be recognized by the Iowa-Illinois Safety Council (IISC) with the President’s Award. This is the second time in three years D. C. Taylor Co. has received this honor and the third year in a row being recognized for hazard control excellence. The National Safety Council chapter recently recognized the roofing contractor for their 2020 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Guide. This ringed card deck was created as a reference for field workers to use on the job to determine PPE for frequent tasks. “Project managers needed to know what to requisition for the job scope. Supervisors and crew workers often needed to be reminded of PPE requirements based upon the scope of work for the day,” explains Kirk Dighton, Safety Manager, D. C. Taylor Co., Cedar Rapids, IA.

The content was developed by D. C. Taylor Co.’s safety team and designed in-house. The card deck PPE Guide outlines the minimum PPE required for:

Each of these categories is further broken down into subcategories with specific equipment and functions.

The cards are two-sided with English on one side and Spanish on the other, bound in the corner with one ring (enabling additional cards to be added in the future), color-coded by task for quick reference, and printed on durable paper to prevent tearing and staining.

“Each roofing crew at D. C. Taylor Co. has been provided two decks – one for the project supervisor and another for the project lead,” notes Dighton. The cards are small enough to put in a pocket, and can easily be kept on the roof or in the truck for quick reference.

“These cards are a convenient reference at any time in the project to ensure the best personal protection of our personnel,” adds Dighton. The company is honored IISC recognized the significant contribution the PPE Guide has on mitigating D. C. Taylor Co.’s jobsite hazards.

About D. C. Taylor Co.
D. C.  Taylor Co. is a Cedar Rapids, IA-based roofing contractor with 70 years of experience installing, repairing, and maintaining roofs at commercial, institutional, and industrial facilities. With service centers in four states and 30 service and roofing crews, D. C. Taylor Co. is poised to respond to customer needs quickly and efficiently. For more information on D. C. Taylor Co., visit www.dctaylorco.com.

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