Permanent Fall Protection: The Danger of Poor Design & Installation

January 20, 2015

Clever design of the structure can remove a lot of fall exposures, but where the inclusion of fall protection anchorages is unavoidable, specialist installers should be consulted. Who you hire is important.

A qualified installer will design the system so it is user friendly. If an anchorage system is too complex, the user is unlikely to use it correctly, if at all.

Incorrect design and improper installation can be fatal. Effective design is crucial to the performance of fall protection systems, especially in regards to horizontal lifelines. It considers the following:

When hiring a contractor to recommend and install permanent fall protection, make sure the company you hire has a qualified person in fall protection and horizontal lifeline design on staff and that this individual, or others employed there, have been trained by the horizontal lifeline manufacturer in both installation and inspection of the system.

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