Why You Should Get a Roofing Contractor Before You Need One

June 13, 2017

When an urgent need arises for roofing work, that need is usually of such complexity, that you can’t (or shouldn’t) settle for the first roofing contractor you find on the Internet. You need a company whose workers are skilled, experienced, and capable. You can’t always tell that from a simple Google search. Selecting a roofing contractor before a dire situation will ensure you don’t just hire anyone – you hire the right contractor.

Why not wait? Consider the following scenarios. You might not always have time to go through a timely budgeting and qualification process.

You have severe weather

The roof takes a beating from golf ball-sized hail and has noticeable splits, damaged insulation, or broken skylights. High-velocity winds from a hurricane cause wind uplift that peels the roof off the building. Debris from a tornado severely punctures the roof membrane, causing leaks and wet insulation.

A rooftop injury necessitates prompt safety measures

An HVAC technician suffers a near fatal fall from the roof while servicing a cooling tower. Now recognizing the dangers of rooftop work, corporate wants permanent fall protection (e.g. horizontal lifelines, caged ladders, guardrail, etc.) installed STAT. All other work on the roof must halt until the new safety equipment is installed and workers are trained in its use.

Your company just purchased a new building

Whether it’s a done deal or still under consideration, the technical skills of a roofing contractor can really come in handy. They’ll provide an immediate evaluation of the roof’s condition and perform any necessary repairs to bring it up to corporate facility standards.

Oops! When you started that project, you didn’t know you’d need a roofing subcontractor

Having new rooftop equipment installed? If pipes penetrate the roof, you’ll want to make sure a roofing contractor ensures the installation is waterproof. What about new manufacturing process lines? Your roofing contractor can make sure the new penetrations are properly flashed in.

Vetting roofing contractors before you need them means you have a qualified contractor when you need one. Don’t wait until urgency supersedes qualifications.

Not sure how to qualify a roofing contractor? Visit our blog next month to find out!

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