Energy Efficient Commercial Roofing Strategies

July 11, 2013

Todd M. Kaska, Vice President of Preferred Accounts at D. C. Taylor Co., had the privilege of presenting at Principia’s Energy Efficient Roofing Conference in Charlotte, NC, in April. What follows are highlights from Kaska’s presentation.

When it’s time for your next roofing project, consider the impact that this assembly can have on the facility’s energy expense. Keep the following in mind.

Energy-Efficient Roofing Strategies:

No. 1: Increase roof R-value with proper insulation.

No. 2: Reduce thermal discontinuities.

No. 3: Install a climate-appropriate roof surface.

No. 4: Restrict air movement and thermal transfer.

No. 5: Install daylighting skylights.

D. C. Taylor Co. has experience evaluating the energy-efficiency potential of rooting projects. Its professionals can help you sort through these strategies and put together a practical project plan that meets your objectives for a water-tight and energy-efficient roof assembly.

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