Coating Extends Roof Life at Arizona Credit Union

May 12, 2020

Desert Financial Credit Union is the largest credit union in Arizona. It’s based in Phoenix and operates nearly 50 branches and service centers throughout Gila, Maricopa, and Pinal counties. After examining several of the roofs at its branches, the facilities management team at Desert Financial wanted a way to extend roof life. Roof restoration through the application of coating was the ideal solution.

Roof coating prolongs the life of an existing roof system, increasing time between reroofing projects. Coating slows the process of chemical degradation caused by ultraviolet light, heat exposure, and water. It provides an extra layer of protection to the surface of the roof.

Having used D. C. Taylor Co. in the past for other roofing projects, it was an easy decision to hire the contractor to return to their sites again. The first of which to receive attention was the Palm Valley branch in Goodyear, AZ.

The 11,520 square foot roof had been covered with spray polyurethane foam. An inspection of the roof for blisters and cracks revealed that its condition was ideal for coating. Six weeks before the project began, D. C. Taylor Co.’s project supervisor conducted a pull test. This is a means to check effective adhesion between the substrate and coating; this best practice ensures the bond is strong.

The Roof Coating Project

A four-man D. C. Taylor Co. roofing crew started work in mid-September of 2019. The first step was to conduct minor repairs to punctures, flaking, and other deterioration according to manufacturer specifications. Afterwards, the crew power washed the roof using an approved cleaner. Water that would have drained to the parking lot and directly into traffic was diverted.

Once cleaned, the roof was prepped and 72 hours later, the crew was back to begin application. “The challenge was doing this during operating hours, while pedestrians were accessing the building and there were cars going through the drive-through,” says Raymundo Jimenez, Construction Manager, D. C. Taylor Co., Concord, CA. Because overspray was a concern, the project required a different application method, one that took longer but protected cars and people.

Primer was rolled on (and back rolled) at a rate of 1 gallon per 100 square foot. It was followed with base coat and top coat applications at a rate of 1.5 gallons per 100 square foot each. Coating included mechanical and wall flashing to the edge of EIFS, for a total of four (4) gallons per square.

The other major challenge was tackling the project during Arizona’s monsoon season. The rain stalled the project more than once. Application required temperatures that were high enough to dry out the roof and two straight days of good weather. “We lost several production days,” says Jimenez. The project spanned 18 days instead of the 12 that were anticipated.

Safety First

Before the crew even began work, a job hazard analysis (JHA) was conducted. Afterwards, a fall protection plan was drafted to prescribe countermeasures that addressed identified hazards to prevent falls and other injuries.

When the crew arrived to begin work, it was reviewed with them immediately. Once the jobsite was set up with fall protection, photos were sent to D. C. Taylor Co.’s Jimenez and Kirk Dighton, Safety Manager, for a start work authorization. This system of checks-and-balances ensured that equipment in the plan had been installed to ensure a safe jobsite and reduce the risk for injury.

The crew accessed the roof via an extension ladder, maintaining three points of contact at all times. They connected a lanyard to their harnesses, and attached it to a mobile anchor, which was placed on the roof via a lift. A warning line with flags and stanchions was erected six feet from the roof edge.

The crew wore proper personal protective equipment (PPE) including work boots, googles, hard hats, vests, and work gloves. The project was completed with no incidents.

Customer Communication

Once the lines of communication opened up with a pre-construction meeting six weeks before the project start, they never closed. D. C. Taylor Co.’s project supervisor checked in and out daily with the onsite branch manager, once the crew arrived at the Palm Valley branch location. Each week, the project supervisor also provided a progress report and the projected end date to Desert Financial’s off-site facilities professional.

Three weeks after the project’s completion, they were together with the manufacturer to do a final walk and project review of the newly coated roof. Desert Financial was given a 10-year liquid-applied Emerald Pledge limited warranty from GAF and has contracted with D. C. Taylor Co. for coating projects at three other branches in 2020.

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