D. C. Taylor Co. Participates in 2019 OSHA Stand-Down to Prevent Falls

May 21, 2019

D. C. Taylor Co. was proud to participate in the U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety & Health Adminstration’s National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction on May 6-10, 2019. “We have a very strong safety culture at D. C. Taylor Co. Our team members have the knowledge and the information to work safely at heights, but it’s important to refresh and reemphasize the importance of fall protection to make sure everyone goes home at the end of the day,” says Kirk Dighton, Safety Manager, D. C. Taylor Co., Cedar Rapids, IA. “All of our field personnel participated in the week’s activities, and many from the office also joined us – totaling about 150 people involved,” Dighton adds.

The week started off with two early morning meetings where crews, supervisors, and management reaffirmed their commitment to safety while working at heights. D. C. Taylor Co. leadership emphasized the need for everyone to:
• Get involved.
• Stay engaged with fall prevention.
• Speak up if something isn’t right or doesn’t feel right. Having good intuition and acting upon that intuition is key for a safe work site.

Dighton also rolled out a new acronym (DCTCO) to define the company’s safety culture and bring heightened awareness and constant vigilance to fall protection and safe work practices. “The DCTCO acronym and daily task analysis can help everyone remember to keep their mind on the task, identify hazards, and prevent injuries,” says Dighton. The kick-off meeting also emphasized use of the buddy system. Reminding each other to reconnect to the lifeline is critical after an unforeseen event causes an individual to step out of the fall area and unhook. “Watching out for each other we can ensure that everyone goes home at the end of the day to the loved ones that depend upon them,” adds Dighton.

The rest of the week included Competent Person six-month inspections for all harnesses, lanyards, self-retracting lifelines, anchors, and fall arrest rescue equipment; inspections were documented and logged in D. C. Taylor Co.’s tracking system. There were also toolbox talks on fall rescue readiness, ladder and scaffold safety, and an inspection enhancement video with a follow-up quiz. It was a successful week with good crew interaction and team building.

About D. C. Taylor Co.
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