D. C. Taylor Co. Blogs Tips for a Roofing Emergency Action Plan

July 27, 2017

Cedar Rapids, IA (July 27, 2017) – After more than 60 years of responding to customer’s roofing emergencies, D. C. Taylor Co. has combined its best tips to help facility and plant managers react to a catastrophe. The blog article combines the expertise of three team members whose total employment at D. C. Taylor Co. exceeds 76 years.

Cedar Rapids, IA-based Vice President and Construction Project Manager Timm Haefner recalls many repairs and reroofing projects following tornadoes, fires, and massive leaks. “Most customers understand that if there’s an emergency, we’ll take care of them,” he explains. That means working nights and weekends, pulling crews off existing projects (with customer consent), and even making creative overnight arrangements. This was the case when a customer needed a new roof in a hurricane-ravaged area; hotels weren’t open for business so the company rented an RV and hit the road.

Customers can trust that D. C. Taylor Co.’s standard for quality workmanship remains high, even when the situation is urgent. “D. C. Taylor Co. does not look for storm damage, we react to a customer’s emergency request because we have a joint business relationship,” says J. J. Longerbeam, Vice President and Service Manager, D. C. Taylor Co., Cedar Rapids, IA. “We not only go up there and do the roofing, we care about the facility and their operation,” adds Raymundo Jimenez, Service Field Office Manager and Safety Technician, D. C. Taylor Co., Concord, CA.

Read 6 Things to Do After a Roofing Emergency on D. C. Taylor Co.’s website on August 15, 2017; click the News & Information tab at the top of the site’s homepage to find blog and other objective and educational articles.


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