D. C. Taylor Co. Conducts 2022 Winter Training

February 14, 2022

Throughout January and February, D. C. Taylor Co. conducted multiple small-group training sessions for its project and service supervisors, leads, and leaders-in-training. Training sessions were held in Cedar Rapids, IA; Barrington, IL; and Concord, CA. More than 60 individuals from the company’s four offices participated.

Hands-on demonstrations, as well as classroom instruction, helped employees learn how to identify and take safety precautions, as well as safely operate equipment. The training addressed the following topics:

Kirk Dighton, D. C. Taylor Co.’s Safety Manager, is a big proponent of the “see one, do one, teach one” philosophy; participants got to experience first hand what it would be like to use trauma straps to prevent Traumatic Orthostatic Hypotension (TOH) as they hung from a forklift suspended by their harness’ back D ring. Supervisors learned how to coach the fallen victim to stay calm and use the straps, as well as issuing assurance that help is coming. Supervisors will, in turn, teach their personnel these tips.

Dighton also staged safety applications with anchors, self-retracting lifelines, cable flag stands, mobile fall protection carts, etc. and had participants evaluate each. “We asked them what was missing or incorrect. With the level of knowledge they have, I fully expected them to catch the majority and they did. They’re well informed and they know what they’re doing,” says Dighton. “I am so proud of our company and these professionals.”

This training provided the opportunity to share updates, changes, and improvements. “We reflected on lessons learned from the past year. A lot of those come from near misses. The training was a great way to launch into 2022 and our safety goals,” notes Dighton. Those goals include a 2022 zero injuries target. Participants discussed prevention strategies. “We asked, ‘How do we get there?’ We were really picking their brains,” he adds. “We learn from them as much as they learn from us.”

The training was conducted by Dighton, along with D. C. Taylor Co. President Brent Taylor, and (for California and Arizona team members) by Raymundo Jimenez, Construction Manager, D. C. Taylor Co., Concord, CA.

D. C. Taylor Co. would like to thank the following organizations for their assistance in training crew members: Acute Care Education Systems Inc., Kirchner Fire Extinguisher Co., Kirkwood Community College, Adam’s Safety Training, Hawkeye Fire & Safety, and Think Safe.

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