D. C. Taylor Co. Participates in OSHA’s National Safety Stand-Down

May 9, 2017

Cedar Rapids, IA (May 9, 2017) – Long-time safe roofing advocates at D. C. Taylor Co. are excited to participate in the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s National Safety Stand-Down this week.

The company’s Safety Manager Kirk Dighton is championing five days of awareness, education, and activities in conjunction with the stand-down. “Sadly, the latest statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that 69 workers in the roofing industry died in 2015 from falls that occurred as they were doing their jobs. Those numbers reflect 69 families that have been changed forever by the loss of a loved one, a spouse, father, mother, son, or daughter whose death has left a void in the hearts of family, friends, and co-workers,” he says. “We never want this to happen at D. C. Taylor Co.”

Each day during the week of May 8th, D. C. Taylor Co. crews from each of its four offices will discuss various safety topics in project tailgate meetings.

There will be a heavy emphasis placed on inspections and proper use of fall protection and personal protective equipment (PPE) throughout the week. Roof technicians and their supervisors will review the proper way to conduct inspections on harnesses, lanyards, self-retracting lanyards (SRLs), and ladders. They’ll walk the talk by performing and documenting those inspections.

“We need to do the inspections with the level of quality and care that reflects our company culture and its values for ensuring employees’ safety and welfare. We cannot forget that the equipment is not what saves people, it is the people’s correct use of the equipment that saves lives,” adds Brent Taylor, President, D. C. Taylor Co.

About D. C. Taylor Co.

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