Winter Woes: Roof Leak or Condensation?

December 21, 2016

There’s water dripping from the ceiling. It’s natural to assume you’ve got a roof leak, right? Condensation may be to blame, though. As warm, humid air rises, the moisture it contains can condense on the cold underside of the roofing assembly. Without adequate ventilation for this moisture to escape, water droplets will form. Dripping water is most likely when outdoor temperatures hit their high for the day and the sun is out.

If no tears or punctures on the surface of the roof are visible, your “leak” may really be due to condensation. A variety of diagnostic procedures may be used, including a water test (if weather permits), infrared thermography, or core cuts, to determine the cause. If the roof surface or flashings are crunchy, condensation may have frozen into ice.

There are many different conditions that will determine the most appropriate remedy to your roof’s condensation problem and just as many solutions available. Most repairs and/or solutions involve a vapor barrier, added insulation, or increased ventilation.

It’s important to address a condensation issue as soon as you become aware of it. If the problems continue, insulation will become wet and lose its R-value, mold could form, a wood deck might rot, mechanical fasteners can rust out, and the roof could fail prematurely. Have those drips checked out as soon as possible!

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