The Value of CAD Roof Drawings

December 23, 2013

D. C. Taylor Co. has been creating Computer-Aided Design (CAD) drawings for the last 15 years. Project managers, supervisors, and crew members gain a better understanding of projects as they embark on them when they can refer to pre-construction roof CAD drawings. Architects, engineers, general contractors, and roof consultants get a clearer picture of materials and installation methods during a roof replacement or new construction roof installation. Customers can also better manage their roofing asset and rooftop work with a roof plan.

D. C. Taylor Co. prepares different types of roof CAD drawings, depending on their purpose.

Preliminary Drawings

An early rendering can help a building owner visualize a project before it’s purchased.

3D Drawings

To occasionally help a customer visualize what a new roof system would look like, 3D preliminary detail drawings can be created.

Roof Plans

Following a detailed survey of the roof, a roof plan is created. Read Top 4 Ways to Use a Roof Plan for more information on how this tool can help facilities operate smoothly.

Crew Spec Drawings

Preliminary spec drawings are provided to the crew for use as they execute a project.

New Construction Drawings

These are generated from new construction drawings provided by an architect, engineer, roof consultant, or general contractor.

As-Built Drawings

A final drawing is made to reflect any change orders made during the installation of the roof system.

These documents have varying levels of detail, but all are drawn to scale. The drawings are executed according to United States National CAD Standard, to facilitate easy interpretation by all parties involved in the design, construction, and operation of the building.

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