Roof Systems Repairs: What to Do When You Have an Urgent Repair Need

February 6, 2018

Extreme winds and storm damage, a fire at the facility, or a water leak – these are all times when you need the roof fixed fast. We talked to three of our service managers to get the lowdown on D. C. Taylor Co.’s Roof System Repairs, the service which provides our customers an immediate remedy, not just a proposal.

How to Know When It’s Urgent

When can it wait and when should you push the panic button? Ask yourself if this is causing the company or its employees any safety concerns or product loss.

Roof alterations are definitely an urgent repair need. “We receive many calls from a customer or contractor for which they have altered the roof and need the alteration flashed or repaired immediately,” explains James (J.J.) Longerbeam, Vice President and Service Manager, D. C. Taylor Co., Cedar Rapids, IA. It’s not uncommon, adds Dan Edie, Service Field Office Manager, D. C. Taylor Co., Concord, CA, for “other contractors to open up roofs and discover unexpected situations.”

Still not sure how quickly you need to act? Service/Construction Manager and Safety Technician Raymundo Jimenez, in D. C. Taylor Co.’s Concord, CA, office offers this simple criterion: “Any problem that is causing or allowing water into the building should be repaired immediately by performing a temporary or a long-term repair.”

What to Tell Us When You Call

Since Roof System Repairs isn’t a typical two-part service (first, investigate and give a proposal and then send a crew out later to perform the work), be prepared for a barrage of questions when you call us. Here’s some of the information we’ll need to show up on site ready to perform the repair:

If you don’t have all this information available, we’ll do our best to find it out for you. “I usually review an aerial image of the roof to confirm or determine the roof type,” explains Longerbeam. We’ll also talk with you about how long an on-site service crew will be needed. “The Roof Systems Repair options allow us to give a price for roof repairs, gain agreement, and contract for a set number of hours, without making a site visit. I explain to the customer that the set number of hours includes the staging, safety setup, etc.”

The Next Steps

After you’ve provided background on the problems you’re experiencing with your roof, we’ll send a crew. They’ll arrive on site with the materials and equipment specific to your roof system. Our skilled trade personnel will immediately begin identifying and correcting roof system elements in need of repair.

There’s no mystery to what we’re doing. When the work is done, we’ll tell you what activities were performed and provide before and after photos.

Do you have an urgent repair need? Call D. C. Taylor Co. at 319.363.2073 today or find an office near you!

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