What’s So Great About a Commercial Roof Asset Management Plan?

January 19, 2021

Not having a roof asset management plan is a little like driving without a map. You aren’t sure what’s ahead and, depending on your memory, may not even recall what was in the past or who was in the car. You certainly don’t know how much you’ll be spending on gas or where it’s best to fill up.

A roof asset management plan can help facility/plant managers consolidate a history of the roof and chart a path for its future. If you manage a multitude of roof areas or properties (or even just one), the organization of information makes a roof asset management plan invaluable for your greater facility management plan.

Roof asset management plans document the past and present.

Roofing contractors will collect and consolidate your roof’s history and current condition. The information included in a roof asset management plan often includes the following:

Whether this information is then logged in your own facilities management software or the software program your professional roofing contractor provides you access to, a consolidated location ensures that paper documents aren’t lost – nor is the roof’s history when a facility/plant manager retires.

Roof asset management plans help you understand the health of your roofing assets.

A roofing contractor will work to help you evaluate roof condition, often using the methodology outlined in ASTM D7053-07 Standard Guide for Determining and Evaluating the Causes of Water Leakage in Low-Sloped Roofs. Gathering this information is important in assigning an objective roof asset health value to each roof area.

An assessment of the roof’s condition is instrumental in forming a plan for proposed work in the coming five to 10 years, as well as the estimated cost of those projects.

It’s easier to make informed facility management decisions about the future.

Knowing what happened in the past, the roof’s condition, and its projected life, makes scheduling a program of repairs and reroofing – and budgeting for it – easier. When financial decision-makers need proof that funds should to be allocated for a reroofing project, the evidence is readily available, thanks to your asset management planning. Additionally, the funds requested will be less if regular maintenance is performed as prescribed in the plan; after all, it is much more economical to recover a dry roof than tear off an old, wet one.

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