How to Remedy Poor Drainage on Your Commercial Roof

November 18, 2014

A thorough upfront roof system evaluation is necessary to fix standing water on the roof. Only after proper definition of the problem can a planned solution that addresses the root cause be applied. Possible solutions include:

  1. Improve the roof’s design. Strategies include pouring concrete, adding tapered insulation, or installing additional drainage mechanisms.
  2. Inspect your roof. Perform visual inspections after storms to ensure drainage has not been obstructed with environmental debris. Call in a contractor for regular annual inspections.
  3. Be proactive. Trim nearby trees to eliminate the risk of leaves and pine needles clogging drains and scuppers.
  4. Provide a friendly reminder. Ask that rooftop workers remove all debris (e.g. spare parts, rags, soda bottles) from the roof during each visit.
  5. Schedule routine maintenance. Regular cleaning and repairs will identify potential problems early and ensure proper drainage.

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