It’s Raining. Grab Your Roof Plan!

March 23, 2017

The first official day of Spring was March 20. If you haven’t already experienced rain, odds are that you will – and soon. Instead of bracing for roof leaks, start thinking of those sprinkles as a golden opportunity.

If you don’t already have a roof plan for each roof area, ask your roofing contractor for help. A roof plan is critical in managing roofing problems, especially those that aren’t emergencies. Here’s how to use the rain – and your roof plan – to your advantage.

Step 1: Print the roof plan large-scale.

Step 2: Place the plan where it’s highly visible and accessible to a variety of facilities professionals.

Step 3: Ask these individuals to note on the roof plan the location, type, and date of roof problems. The following are some examples of potential problems that should be indicated:

A marked-up plan can also help make a case for capital spending and could be the beginning of a sorely needed roof asset management program.

Step 4: Consult with the plan and when it’s time call your roofing contractor. Small leaks may not warrant an emergency visit from your contractor, but when enough problems are noted or a bigger problem necessitates repairs, you can maximize their time. Either ask that they address all the items noted previously on the roof plan or work with them to prioritize which needs are most critical.

As time progresses, it’s easy to forget the small puncture caused by the HVAC technician four months ago or the suggestion he made to get a grease guard. Write it down now, so you remember later.