Meet Timm Haefner, Vice President and Construction Manager

June 29, 2016

As a second-generation employee, and someone who recently celebrated 40 years with D. C. Taylor Co., it’s safe to say Timm Haefner’s life story is entangled in the history of the company. His father, Stan, was a 30-year employee, General Superintendent, and the right-hand man of Dudley Taylor, D. C. Taylor Co.’s founder. “When Dudley had a problem, he sent Dad,” recounts Timm.

Working at D. C. Taylor Co. didn’t start out as a choice for 18-year-old Timm. When the paychecks kept being shorted at the filling station where Timm worked, Stan marched in and told the manager that his son had a new job and would no longer be working there. This was the beginning of Timm’s employment at D. C. Taylor Co.

The father-son duo worked together for six years, all the while Stan had hopes that his son would become a master tuckpointer. Timm had other ideas and after a few years with the company, he began providing its newest service. “I wanted to roof instead of tuckpoint,” recalls Timm. In 1978, Timm joined one of the company’s roofing crews. There was no shortage of work as a rise in the demand for single-ply roofing membranes kept business streaming in.

As D. C. Taylor Co. discontinued its other services to focus exclusively on roofing, Timm moved from laborer to foreman, superintendent, project manager, and eventually to construction manager, the position he currently holds.

Today, Timm runs the Cedar Rapids Construction 1 field office and is responsible for managing crew personnel, estimating, and executing projects. He oversees approximately 45 crew members, and is responsible for managing upwards of 20 to 30 projects at various stages simultaneously.

Looking back, there are too many projects to list that Timm’s proud of. But it’s not necessarily the work he likes most; it’s the relationships. “The employees I work with by far are the main thing I enjoy,” he says.

The years have provided Timm with a wealth of knowledge that is unparalleled at D. C. Taylor Co. “It’s nice to work with him because he knows his stuff. You have every confidence that what he’s directing you to do and how he’s managing the job, is right. He’s done it a million times,” says Dana Harvey-Moore, Vice President of Business Administration, D. C. Taylor Co.

Over four decades, Timm has sharpened his troubleshooting skills and genuinely enjoys helping his Project Supervisors with everyday challenges. “He’s spent almost his whole life working for D. C. Taylor Co.,” says Chad Rouse, Project Supervisor, D. C. Taylor Co. “Timm teaches you a lot. You get a lot of his knowledge when you call for his help.”

His seven project supervisors have come to rely on his expertise. “His problem-solving skills make him good at his job. He’s taught me how to do things properly and orderly,” adds Dan Traver, Project Supervisor, D. C. Taylor Co. “He’s a good mentor.”

Timm can be strict with his guys, though, especially when it comes to safety. “My Project Supervisors know that if they don’t have their safety set up right, they’re going to get fired. Bill Taylor had me sign a zero-tolerance policy for fall protection. When I signed that, it was a promise,” says Timm. But his vigilance isn’t just because he keeps his word; it’s because he cares. “Dad was the one who always had to go tell wives, girlfriends, or family that their loved one fell. I witnessed that as a kid. I heard Mom and Dad talking about it,” he recalls. “At the end of the day, I want all the guys I work with to go home alive.”

Throughout 2016, D. C. Taylor Co. will be honoring its employees by sharing a blog profile of their experiences working for the company each month. We think our people are our most valuable asset. After you meet them, we think you’ll understand why.

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