Meet Jaime Salaiza Diaz, Project Supervisor

November 21, 2017

The best kind of employees are those that are always looking to improve themselves and grow their skills. Jaime Salaiza Diaz is that kind of guy. “Jaime has a keen sense of evaluating his own abilities and asking for help in areas for which he would like more development. He is consistently looking for the next way to improve himself,” says Jacki Robison, Executive Vice President, D. C. Taylor Co., Peoria, AZ. “Jaime lives out our mission to continually improve processes in order to better serve our customers.”

It hasn’t gone unnoticed either. When our customers email us with praise including “excellent workmanship,” “very professional,” and “D. C. Taylor Co. should be proud,” we’ve witnessed it too and we aren’t surprised.

Jaime works out of our Peoria, AZ, office and has been a Project Supervisor for more than 10 years.

No. of years roofing: 13

What’s your favorite part of a roofing project? The beginning to the end!

The best breakfast before a roofing project is meeting about safety.

Favorite music to listen to: Spanish.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a mechanic when I grew up.

On-the-job beverage of choice: coffee.

Dog person or cat person? Both.

Why do you like your job? It’s fun and exciting.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given? To have respect for every person.


Throughout 2017, D. C. Taylor Co. will be sharing blog profiles of field personnel each month. We think our people are our most valuable asset. After you meet them, we think you’ll understand why.

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