Top 5 Reasons You Should Hire a Pro to Inspect Your Roof

August 12, 2014

Sending someone from your maintenance team up on the roof to check its condition might seem like the most economical way to conduct a roof inspection. But is it? Here are five reasons why you should consider hiring a professional to inspect your roof.

No. 1  They have experience and training.

Not every roofing problem or defect is obvious. A professional roofing contractor knows what to look for on the roof. When you hire a pro, he has been trained in the observation of issues detrimental to the roof and has knowledge about damage and wear that could otherwise be overlooked. He also understands the roof warranty issued by the roof system manufacturer and what’s required to maintain that warranty.

No. 2  They know how to work safely on the roof.

Roof professionals are aware of and understand how to comply with OSHA’s safety regulations. They assess hazards and implement temporary fall protection to ensure that the inspection and any repairs that follow do not put individuals at risk for injury.

No. 3  Your team doesn’t have time.

Resources are already stretched thin; hiring a professional minimizes the time in-house personnel spend on roofing concerns.

No. 4  The pros can help you plan.

A roof inspection from a professional does more than tell you the condition of the roof and all of its elements. The roofing expert can help you determine whether maintenance issues are urgent or can be deferred, provide a budget for repairs, and assist with long-term maintenance planning.

No. 5  Pros provide better records.

What happens when your resident roofing expert retires, transfers, or quits? If the roof history is in his head, he/she takes it with them. Roofing professionals that perform inspections provide consistent documentation of maintenance issues, reliable record keeping, and online database access.

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