Find a Future as a Commercial Roofer

March 18, 2022

Not everyone’s dream job is sitting behind a desk. Some people need to be on their feet and would rather have a tool in their hand than a computer mouse. Those are the type of people that make great commercial/industrial roofers.

Whether you’re taking a gap year, not interested in getting a post-secondary education, or have already done that and are ready for the next challenge, a roofing career can give you a great future. “You can [have] a lot of life experiences here – traveling and working with a lot of different types of people. That’s something they can’t teach in college,” shares John Kenney, Roof Technician, D. C. Taylor Co., Cedar Rapids, IA.

No roofing projects are the same, which means that every day delivers a new experience. “It’s never boring and repetitive. It’s always different,” says Bryan Moore, Project Supervisor, D. C. Taylor Co., Cedar Rapids, IA. For individuals that thrive on change or simply can’t imagine doing a task over and over day in and day out, roofing is a great occupation. “I like the change of pace. No day is the same,” adds Brian Goede, Project Supervisor, D. C. Taylor Co.

No experience is necessary, and training happens both on-the-job and in the classroom. “I don’t think it’s necessary to have construction experience, as long as you’re willing to learn,” adds Moore. As soon as you’re hired, you’ll complete OSHA 10-hour training, which teaches workplace safety to reduce job site injuries and incidents. The course includes an introduction to OSHA, and education on personal protective (PPE) and life-saving equipment, as well as health hazards in construction (e.g. fall protection, electrical, struck by, caught in between).

You’ll be a short service employee until you’ve met all the minimum training requirements mandated by OSHA and D. C. Taylor Co. That doesn’t mean you’ll be a gofer, though. “Don’t think you can’t do it just because you don’t know how. Experience is the best teacher,” says Moore. You’ll learn alongside others at D. C. Taylor Co., with real responsibilities as part of a crew.

You travel throughout the United States when you work for D. C. Taylor Co., enabling you to see more of the country. One month, your rooftop view is the Statue of Liberty and the next it’s a rolling patchwork of corn and soybean fields in the heart of the Midwest. You’ll have a chance to work outside, with your hands, and build something – a new roof, relationships with great coworkers, and the trust of customers and your crew.

You’re not just laying up roof, you’re solving problems, fixing pain points, and making it easier for companies to manufacture food, hospitals to heal the sick, and businesses to deliver solutions and technology that society needs.

You need a new opportunity. D. C. Taylor Co. needs you.  Apply today and join our team!

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