D.C. Taylor Co. Publishes New Contractor Safety White Paper

October 31, 2012

Finding a roofing contractor as vigilant about safety as facilities and businesses are today can be daunting. Building owners, facilities managers, and plant engineers need objective information about how to evaluate the safety of contractors they’re considering employing. National roofing contractor D. C. Taylor Co. recently released a white paper to aid these professionals by providing industry-specific safety guidelines.

Entitled “Evaluating the Safety of Roofing Contractors,” this white paper provides facilities professionals with knowledge that can help them develop a set of criteria to aid in the selection of a contractor. Among the information included is:

  1. A seven-step checklist regarding what safety information to collect from a roofing contractor.
  2. Minimum safety training requirements for roofing contractors.
  3. A definition of important safety ratings, such as Total Incidence Rate, Experience Modification Ratio, and Lost Workday Incidence Rate.
  4. An explanation of what pre-project safety planning entails.

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