D. C. Taylor Co. Project Supervisor Recognized for Outstanding On-the-Job Performance

March 8, 2012

Cedar Rapids, IA (March 8, 2012) – D. C. Taylor Co. is pleased to announce that Project Supervisor Luke King has been awarded the Most Valuable Player (MVP) Award for Outstanding On-the-Job Performance by the Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress. King and four other winners were announced at the National Roofing Contractor Association’s 125th Annual Convention, which was held Feb. 20-24 in Orlando, FL.

Luke King has been employed at D. C. Taylor Co. for 26 years and is frequently assigned to manage and supervise the company’s most difficult projects. This MVP award specifically recognizes his work on the Superior Dome reroofing project at Northern Michigan University in Marquette, MI. Given the slope of the dome, unique safety measures were required. King’s experience on a few other dome projects, coupled with his high-level of fall-protection knowledge, was invaluable.

King contributed to the planning of the wire rope horizontal lifeline system that was designed and installed around the cupola of the dome. He also effectively communicated and enforced the safe work practices necessary for 100-percent tie-off.

The Alliance’s MVP Awards program has been recognizing outstanding roofing workers for the past 12 years. King is the fourth D. C. Taylor Co. employee to win an MVP award.

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About Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress

The Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress was established within the National Roofing Foundation (NRF) to create an endowment fund to serve as a highly focused resource for the roofing industry and its customers. More information about the Alliance is available at www.roofingindustryalliance.net.

For more information on Luke King or the Superior Dome project, contact Jana Madsen at 319.731.4125.

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