Construction & Demolition Waste Management

D. C. Taylor Co. identifies and plans for the diversion of construction and demolition waste from landfills through recycling, reuse, and salvage. This service is ideal for customers looking for opportunities to save money and/or reduce the environmental impact of the construction project. After collecting information about the customer’s waste diversion goal, identifying resources for recycled and reused materials, and surveying the roof, D. C. Taylor Co. creates a plan that includes a schedule of materials, quantity, weights, and vendors that will be receiving and repurposing each of the material types. The plan is executed accordingly.

Daylighting Skylight Assessment & Installation

Daylighting skylights increase interior illumination levels, which can reduce the need for artificial lighting. Installing daylighting skylights requires cutting and opening the existing roofing and structural decking. This necessitates selective demolition and understanding of roof deck characteristics and attachment requirements. Once the skylight is installed, new insulation and roofing flashings are installed around the skylight curb.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Cleaning ensures peak performance and maximizes energy production, as well as complies with many solar panel manufacturers’ warranties. As an experienced roofing contractor, D. C. Taylor Co. understands OSHA regulations and what’s required for compliance; it has defined processes to work safely on your roof. Our solar panel cleaning service includes a visual inspection of the PV system as well as surrounding roof conditions, cleaning the panels with 100-percent biodegradable cleaning agents, and inspecting the completed work.
Perform a visual inspection of the PV system as well as surrounding roof conditions

Roof Restoration

Depending upon the characteristics and condition of the existing roof assembly, cost-effective roof restoration may be possible. Roof restoration activities include visually inspecting the roof, completing a peel test, and determining what preparation is required in advance of the coating application. Most roofing systems consist of two or more coating applications; reinforcement fabric can be embedded into the coating. Industry standard roof restoration warranties range from five to 10 years and can cover material and labor.

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