Roofing Services in the Bay Area and Beyond

D. C. Taylor Co. brings over 70 years of expertise to the commercial and industrial roofing industry. Our Concord, California, office handles the roofing needs for customers throughout the bay area, central valley, northern California, and peninsula.

We use a thorough 9-step process to lead you confidently through your roofing project. Our team of roofing experts put safety first to protect themselves and employees under your roof. We complete our services with top-notch customer service and the best workmanship.

Emergency Roofing Services

D. C. Taylor Co. is prepared to assist when an emergency hits your commercial or industrial roof. An El Nino year can bring unprecedented rainfall and cause major problems for your facility. Our team of roofing professionals are available day and night. Contact us if you have a roofing emergency. Call 925.603.1100 24/7!

California Roof System Repairs

Over time your commercial and industrial roofing system will require attention. We will identify roof areas that require repair and use the best compatible materials on the market to complete the job. D. C. Taylor Co.’s roof system repairs include replacing deteriorating materials; fixing blisters, seam voids, and ridges; and repairing collapsed insulation below the membrane.

New Commercial or Industrial Roof

Commercial and industrial roofs will last 10 to 30 years. D. C. Taylor Co. will be sure your new roof is installed the right way to help you extend the life of your roof.

Roof Maintenance

The golden state sunshine can cause cracking and blistering on your commercial roof. The bay experiences heavy rain which can lead to leaks or ponding water. Neglecting consistent roof maintenance could add costly repairs and emergency services down the road. D. C. Taylor Co. proudly provides commercial and industrial roofing maintenance to keep your roof in the best condition for years to come.

Fall Protection

Safety should never be forgotten in the workplace. Our fall protection installation service ensures proper and safe access to the roof and rooftop fall protection systems, making your commercial or industrial roof a safer place to work.

Roof Inspection Services in California

Our expert roofing technicians provide roof inspection services to detect roof system deficiencies. Keep your roof in optimal working condition and reduce repair costs with frequent roofing inspections.

Sustainable Roofing

D. C. Taylor Co. offers sustainable roofing solutions for your commercial or industrial roof. Do your part in providing a positive impact on the environment with daylighting skylights, solar panels, and construction waste management. Plus, your business will save money due to lowered energy costs.

Happily Serving the Bay Area and Beyond

Work with our California office for your commercial and industrial roofing needs in the bay area, central valley, northern California, and peninsula. Customer service is at the forefront of our values at D. C. Taylor Co.

Keep a Strong Roof Over Your Head

Take care of your commercial or industrial roof. Get in touch with D. C. Taylor Co. today to schedule service or request more information.











Like most of you, we at D. C. Taylor Co. are closely monitoring the spread and containment efforts regarding Covid-19. The health and wellness of our employees and customers is our top priority right now. Many of our customers’ businesses have been recognized by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as essential critical infrastructure. D. C. Taylor Co. is here to help.

We are still open and working, serving the roofing needs of food processors, distributors, cold storage, warehouse/distribution, etc. Our workers are taking necessary precautions, as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. To schedule roofing services, email [email protected] or call 319.731.4120.