D. C. Taylor Co. Celebrates 75 Years in Business

February 1, 2024

In 2024, D. C. Taylor Co. will commemorate 75 years in business. “We owe a huge debt of gratitude to my grandfather Dudley Claude Taylor for his vision and ingenuity,” says Brent Taylor, President and the third generation to run the Cedar Rapids, IA-based roofing contracting business. “To all the people we have employed and partnered with, as well as the customers we have served, thank you for being part of our story. What started with a dream 75 years ago, has become a thriving business.”

In 1949, Dudley started his tuckpointing company, which quickly evolved to servicing roofs in 1954 when customers began asking if D. C. Taylor Co. could repair leaks in the roof, not just their brickwork. Among the most notable projects in those early years was tuckpointing the Washington Monument in 1964. “Dudley won the contract with his innovative plan for scaffolding,” explains Taylor. A hanging scaffolding plan (vs. traditional tubular scaffolding) provided less obstruction to visitors viewing the monument and produced higher-quality workmanship at a lower cost. This is only one example in a long history of impressive innovations from the roofing contractor who by the 1980s, had become one of the largest single-ply roofing contractors in the United States. This marked the end of tuckpointing services; D. C. Taylor Co. cemented its commitment to roofing and gained a reputation over the next four decades as a contractor capable of doing some of the most complex and challenging roofing work.

Barrel and dome roofs, roofs with abundant pipes and penetrations, projects that require a helicopter to load materials on the roof, and hospitals and food processing facilities that cannot risk contamination are examples of the challenges D. C. Taylor Co. has mastered. “Our crews have the skill, knowledge, and expertise to do this work well and do it safely,” says Taylor. The company’s executive leadership team is extremely grateful for its workforce of committed and talented employees both in the office and the field. Under Brent Taylor’s leadership, D. C. Taylor Co. continues to focus on health and wellness (both physical and mental), not just project safety, so employees can thrive both at work and in life.

“With so much longevity in our staff and a relentless commitment to safety, we have proven that we can rise to the level of challenge each project presents and deliver quality workmanship for our customers. We look forward to building on our founder’s legacy for many years to come,” he says.

About D. C. Taylor Co.
D. C.  Taylor Co. is a Cedar Rapids, IA-based roofing contractor with 75 years of experience installing, repairing, and maintaining roofs at commercial, institutional, and industrial facilities. With service centers in four states and 19 service and roofing crews, D. C. Taylor Co. is poised to respond to customer needs quickly and efficiently. For more information on D. C. Taylor Co., visit www.dctaylorco.com.

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