Why Contract for Roofing Services in Winter

February 4, 2014

You’re in the South

Facilities located in warmer climates have the advantage of performing work on the building envelope almost year-round. Aside from the weather being conducive to roofing work in winter, there are other benefits as well.

Material pricing. Completing the project during the winter months is ideal because materials can be purchased before typical supply and demand forces prices up in the summer.

Crew selection. Roofing contractors have a low backlog during the winter months. Because business is lighter, you can opt for crews with more experience or request a project supervisor you’ve worked well with before.

Shorter duration. The availability of manpower can work in your favor. Crew size can be increased to make a long project shorter.

You’re in the North

With your roof covered under a foot of snow, it may seem crazy to think about reroofing now. But is it? Here are a few thoughts you may not have considered.

You’re first in line. Although it may not be feasible to start a reroofing project in the north now, by contracting in the winter, a customer can be assured of a slot in the schedule ahead of others who decide to reactively reroof when inclement weather creates a sense of urgency. When the weather shifts, work can begin immediately.

Ready for rain. Completing the project soon after winter means your facility’s roof will be ready for spring and summer storms. Contracting now provides the best chance of getting the project completed after the snow and ice and before torrential rains.

Regardless of where your facility is located, one benefit remains the same – energy savings. The sooner energy efficiency roofing measures are implemented, the sooner the savings begin. In some situations, expected energy savings may even exceed the amortized cost of the roofing project.

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