When Low-Bid Selection of Roofing Services Works

March 22, 2016

You’ve got a roofing project coming up; when you’re faced with bids and proposals from a handful of roofing contractors, should you always pick the lowest bidder? The simple answer is no, but the best answer is not always.

Just because a bid is low, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get poor workmanship and a poorly performing roof system. If the contractor is adequately qualified, they may just have lower overhead and smaller operating expenses. At certain times of the year when contractors have a low backlog of projects, they may even discount their rates to keep crews working. These are the best-case scenarios, though. Read about the pitfalls of low-bid selection.

As long as the contractor understands your needs and requirements, low-bid selection may result in a successful project. When the project is well defined by the owner, it’s possible to compare “apples to apples” and select the most economical offering.  Having a reputable contractor or roof consultant on your project planning team may be advantageous.

When contractors are adequately qualified and bidding contractors have the skill sets required and experience necessary to install the roof system properly so it meets performance requirements, there’s an increased chance of success.

Third-party verification of the work is always wise. A roof consultant and/or manufacturer can verify that the materials that were specified are being installed and the contractor is using proper application means and methods. A third-party can protect you from sloppy workmanship, incorrect materials, change orders, etc. and make sure the project design is adhered to.

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