Types of Commercial Roofing Maintenance

October 18, 2012

Maintenance preserves the roof or restores it to its original condition so that it can perform as intended. D. C. Taylor Co. provides a variety of services to serve all your maintenance needs. Some examples follow.

Emergency: Unplanned Work of an Urgent Nature

An equipment manufacturer noticed roof leaks after a heavy storm. A D. C. Taylor Co. professional identified multiple visible breaches in the membrane and made repairs. For quality assurance, D. C. Taylor Co. performed a water test while on-site to verify the leaks were fixed and ensure the functionality of the roof system. The national roofing contractor is now performing routine inspections and maintenance to prevent costly emergency repairs in the future.

Preventive: Planned and Routine Work

An owner of grocery-anchored shopping centers recently asked D. C. Taylor Co. to help them get a handle on roof maintenance at some of their facilities. D. C. Taylor Co. proposed roof inspections, general preventive maintenance, and additional repairs; a contract was signed to perform the work at five centers. The information provided as a result of these services (inspection checklist, photo report, etc.) will enable the company to proactively manage its roofs.

Renovation/Modification: Work necessitated by changes to the building’s functionality

A food manufacturer’s current process contained a bottleneck, which led the company to invest in upgrades and improvements to the processing line; this necessitated that a new piece of equipment be installed on the roof. D. C. Taylor Co. coordinated the installation of the curb and equipment that rests on it. The equipment required to implement the new manufacturing process was properly integrated into the building shell. Manufacturing remained operational during the modification.

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