Sustainable Commercial Roofing

June 1, 2012

D. C. Taylor Co. applies green strategies at a California wine estate.

At the end of 2010, Meridian Vineyards, a wine estate in Paso Robles, CA, embarked on a sustainable roofing project with D. C. Taylor Co.

Roof Restoration

Three of the vineyard’s 20-year old metal roofs were evaluated for roof restoration feasibility. Once it was determined that the roofs were a candidate for coating, repairs were made, and three applications of reflective coating were applied to extend the life of the roofs 25 years.

Waste Minimization

One of the project goals was to recycle 80 percent of the waste generated on-site. One way this was achieved was by recycling 126 steel 55-gallon coating containers.

Solar Installation

More than 5,400 photovoltaic panels were installed. These two solar installations generate nearly 40 percent of the electricity needed by the winery each year and offset more than 2.7 million pounds of CO2 annually.

Permanent Fall Protection Installation

To ensure the safety of personnel performing maintenance and solar cleaning activities, horizontal lifeline systems were installed, as well as skylight screens.

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