Commercial/Industrial Roof Maintenance: A Simple Checklist

March 27, 2020

The roof system manufacturer’s warranty mandates that you take reasonable care of the roof system over its life but stops short of prescribing specific activities. This simple list is far from comprehensive but serves as a foundation from which to build a robust roof maintenance plan.

Keep the roof clean and free of debris

Trim nearby trees and make sure rooftop workers take soda bottles and rags after the job is complete. Trash and environmental debris like wet leaves can impede drainage. Downspouts, gutters, drains, and scuppers must be clear to facilitate proper drainage of water from the roof.

Keep rooftop equipment in good condition

During a storm, rooftop equipment (e.g. access panel doors) can become dislodged and dragged across the roof causing damage. Remove equipment no longer in service and maintain operable units to prevent unnecessary destruction.

Track roof traffic and access

Enforcing sign-in at roof access points is critical if you want to hold parties accountable for damage they cause. Prepare instructions on roof protection and have workers read it as they’re signing in to access the roof.

Schedule routine inspections

Hire a professional to inspect the roof at regular intervals. Frequency of inspections varies according to how heavily trafficked the roof is, its age, criticality of facility operations (e.g. food manufacturing where a leak could cause a product recall), etc. At a minimum, consider inspecting the roof twice a year before and after the season with the most extreme weather.

Budget for regular repairs

General preventive roof maintenance will identify and repair items that need regular attention, such as:

Log maintenance

Recording maintenance activities is proof of your compliance with the roof system manufacturer’s warranty requirements.

Install protective accessories

Consider using walkway pad, pipe supports, and grease guards to prevent unnecessary damage to the roof.

Catching (and repairing) problems when they’re small enough to fix easily and economically isn’t just fiscally responsible – it’s also the best way to ensure lasting roof performance. Maintaining your roof extends its service life, consequently maximizing your investment.

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