Meet Roger Mulzac, Project Supervisor

September 15, 2017

You don’t spend thirty years doing something unless you’re good at it. Trust us when we say, Roger Mulzac is good at roofing. “When Roger’s done with a roof, it looks very nice,” says Brad Conlin, Vice President and Construction Manager, D. C. Taylor Co., Cedar Rapids, IA. “To do that, he definitely pays a lot of attention to his details during roof installation.” Roger has been a project supervisor for 18 years and is part of our Cedar Rapids Construction 2 Field Office.

Nickname: Rogelio

No. of years roofing: 31

What’s your favorite part of a roofing project? Rolling the roll out.

The best breakfast before a roofing project is eggs and bacon.

Favorite music to roof to: Country.

Favorite books: Westerns.

When I was a kid I wanted to be a business owner when I grew up.

Dog person or cat person? Dog person.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given? Be a good job leader to my crew and other crew members.

Throughout 2017, D. C. Taylor Co. will be sharing a blog profile of one project supervisor each month. We think our people are our most valuable asset. After you meet them, we think you’ll understand why.