Meet Caleb Tischer, Project Supervisor

May 19, 2022

Loads of companies lure new employees in with the chance for advancement that’s never realized. Caleb Tischer is proof that D. C. Taylor Co. offers a career path for those eager for promotion. Despite Caleb’s lack of experience with roofing and construction before joining the company in 2019, he exhibited not only a desire to learn but also an excellent work ethic. Out of all the trade skills and industry-specific knowledge he’s acquired on the job, he’s quick to reply that keeping a good attitude and getting along with others are two of the most important things he’s learned. This is the kind of answer that leaders give.

As he rose from roof technician to project supervisor, Caleb gained expertise in installing different membrane roof systems (e.g. TPO, PVC, etc.). He appreciates the leaders who challenged him to learn roofing details, and every other aspect of the job from deck removal to installation. He hopes to pay it forward in his new leadership role. “[It’s rewarding] seeing guys learn and understand different aspects of safety and gain roofing knowledge hand-on,” he says.

Caleb has had extensive safety training, both on the job and in the classroom, completing OSHA 10- and 30-hour requirements, and has been trained as a Competent Person, capable of identifying hazards and authorized to implement corrective measures to mitigate them. He’s also been trained as an authorized rescuer should the unthinkable happen. “I also train employees I work with on how to use the rescue system and how to work outside of the flags safely,” he says about instructing his crew on how to use their trauma straps, as well as the rescue ladder and retrieval pole.

He doesn’t live for recognition but feels good when he and his crew get it. Recently, a customer praised their work and ability to cut the project duration in half. Caleb says compliments like this make him, “feel accomplished and that my time and energy were well spent.”

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