Introducing Marco Gonzalez Molina, Service Technician

December 12, 2017

Working out of the company’s California office, Marco Gonzalez Molina started on a roof construction crew and is now in the service department. “Marco has been working with us for a few years now. He’s been a good worker. He has a good work ethic and follows directions,” says Raymundo Jimenez, Service/Construction Manager and Safety Technician, D. C. Taylor Co., Concord, CA. “He started as a laborer and has really stepped up and learned the roofing trade and is now at the level of a lead man.”

Nickname: Morro

No. of years roofing: 6

What’s the most picturesque place you’ve ever roofed? Yellowstone Park

I’m the biggest fan of the Pumas soccer team.

Favorite color: blue

What I learned on the job recently: to have more communication with colleagues and teamwork.

I wish customers knew we are a serious, professional company, are very responsible, and respect the customer.

Throughout 2017, D. C. Taylor Co. will be sharing blog profiles of field personnel each month. We think our people are our most valuable asset. After you meet them, we think you’ll understand why.