D. C. Taylor Co. Is Tackling the Largest Project in Company History

August 29, 2023

Old roofs don’t stand much chance against large hail, and even newer roofing systems take a beating. Dot Foods, North America’s largest food industry redistributor, knows this firsthand. A unique and isolated storm that produced baseball-sized hail hit the Dot Foods headquarters campus in Mt. Sterling, IL, on July 9, 2021.

Despite the storm being localized, the damage was extensive. While roof leaks never resulted, action was necessary. “The roof membrane suffered internal damage that could result in spontaneous failures in the coming years,” says Ben Fashimpaur, Vice President National Account Manager, D. C. Taylor Co., Cedar Rapids, IA. Dot Foods is diligent about protecting assets and contracted with D. C. Taylor Co. to perform the 1,558,200 sq. ft. project that was spread over more than 40 roof areas.

The massive membrane replacement project is a partial tear-off. D. C. Taylor Co. is leaving the existing insulation in place but upgrading the roof system assembly with a high-density isocyanurate coverboard and a new single-ply TPO membrane. Additionally, a new walkway pad, coping cap, edge metal, gutters, downspouts, and scupper flashings are being installed.

Work began in October 2022 and will continue until Spring 2024. To date, more than 33 different D. C. Taylor Co. crew members have worked on the project, with an average of 17-20 on the job together at any given time. As of August, D. C. Taylor Co. has completed 9,373 of 15,475 squares.

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