Common Roofing Problem: Improper Repairs

June 2, 2015

When a problem is repaired improperly, what was already a bad situation becomes worse. Improper repairs are the result of an inadequate understanding of the problem, an inexperienced technician (someone without proper training who isn’t an approved roof system applicator), and/or incompatible materials.

Improper repairs can lead to rust, ponding water, or leaks. They are costly too; usually undoing the faulty repair takes longer, increasing labor. The manufacturer of the roof system dictates the proper materials and application methods and if they’re not followed, the manufacturer can void the warranty.

Prevent/Repair It

Work with a licensed contractor that has been approved by the manufacturer of the roof system installed on your facility. The manufacturer can provide recommendations if you need a referral. And once you contract for the work, don’t be afraid to ask. A qualified contractor won’t mind taking a few minutes to explain what repair he intends to make, the training he’s had, and the materials he’ll be using.

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