How to Know if Your Roof Needs Permanent Fall Protection

March 17, 2015

Maybe it never occurred to you. Maybe you’ve weighed the risk vs. the probability. Or maybe you’re curious: “Should my roof have permanent fall protection?” The answer is probably yes. A building owner is required to be compliant with all building codes as they pertain to the building construction and design, and all federal, state, and local safety and health regulations as they relate to all work activities performed by their employees.

Because of the exposures to falls and regulatory requirements, any facility that has personnel (either on staff or contracted) performing maintenance or construction activities on the roof needs permanent fall protection solutions. Some examples are: HVAC maintenance and other mechanical repair, general facility rooftop maintenance and housekeeping, rooftop travel to access facility locations, construction projects, etc.

Most facilities are not equipped with permanent fall protection due to the gradual evolution and increase of awareness that all industries have experienced regarding the responsibilities and requirements to provide fall protection for employees on their facilities. Companies in industries where inspections (e.g. USDA or FDA) are frequent or that have an extreme dedication to safety are the exception. The average manufacturing or commercial facility has not typically installed this equipment.

The best time to purchase permanent fall protection is when you’re planning a roofing project. The roofing contractor can install and use the new permanent fall arrest anchors, horizontal lifeline, guardrails, fixed ladders, etc. in lieu of setting up a temporary fall protection system.

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